Grandmaster Mehdi Zand on the cover of International martial arts times magazine!!!!!!!!!!


Hi guys it is me again and thank you for showing interest in my Blog. I just wanted to tell you that few weeks ago I passed the test for my orange belt.  I really love practicing this art and i can’t wait to become a black belt or become a Sefshin warrior- what an honour that Grandmaster Zand was present during my examination.
Before I go I wanted to say that Grandmaster Zand was on the cover of the martial art times magazine. And there is a 7 page interview inside, so I will add a link to the interview so you can read it for yourself. If anyone wants to discuss anything to do with Sefshin, just contact me and I’ll be happy to give any information. I have heard that he will be opening another class in a different location soon.
Thank you

C. Morris 


  1. Hey CM,

    I saw the article, is it really true that Master Zand is a 10th Dan, Grand Master and Soka. If that is true you are really lucky to be training directly under his hand. It is so rare to be able to learn so close to the source.

    He must be very kind and generous since normally high dan martial artists wont even bother to teach beginners.

    I say enjoy it while it lasts.

    ALl the best


  2. Ali the best?
    which Ali?
    Do you mean, Muhamid Ali the boxer or do you mean Ali from the local Kebab shop!

    Anyway it does not matter I think Zand could have both of them any day. I saw him do Cobra, wow talk about devasting.

    NewYork Mike

  3. You mean devastating?


  4. what is sefshin anyway


  5. Allo,

    I am Ali from the Kebab shop,
    I can do a beautiful donna or shih for you but I can not fight Master Zand he is too good.

    Ali from the Kebab shop

  6. Hey chris

    I've been lucky enough to have seen Grandmaster Mehdi Zand teach several times and have really been overwhelmed by how much he involves himself with the students considering his status. Ive heard he's doing a sword demonstration soon and can't wait to witness it first hand

  7. Where does he teach, can any one tell me,and does he teach Samurai to the bigeners.


  8. Non ho mai visto un uomo come lui.



  9. I know Mehdi Zand as a very intelligent, yet cool headed man, good looking with a great sense of humour and is very good at what he does which is martial art. I really don't know much about it but he made me understand what it is and how useful it can be, so am beginning to fall for the kind of martial art he performs. Mehdi Zand is one of a kind. Sure he is on top of his game.

    Tiffany Freeman

  10. I saw mehdi zand today
    he was teching sefshin in the LA fitness
    i tell you the man has a charisma and the staff he teaches is geart.

    SANJIT from london

  11. I have seen the sword and it is real and very sharp.

    Peace Out AP

  12. I saw mehdi zand in Abu Dhabi airport. i had no chance to speak with him but looked his internet site, wish he was living in here, people would honour him and his work more. good luck for whoever posted this page.

    Munjid from Abu Dhabi airport

  13. Any pictures regarding the event?

    Posted by Ali


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