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Grandmaster Mehdi Zand on the cover of International martial arts times magazine!!!!!!!!!!

  Hi guys it is me again and thank you for showing interest in my Blog. I just wanted to tell you that few weeks ago I passed the test for my orange belt.   I really love practicing this art and i can’t wait to become a black belt or become a Sefshin warrior- what an honour that Grandmaster Zand was present during my examination. Before I go I wanted to say that Grandmas ter Zand was on the cover of the martial art times magazine. And there is a 7 page interview inside, so I will add a link to the interview so you can read it for yourself. If anyone wants to discuss anything to do with Sefshin, just contact me and I’ll be happy to give any information. I have heard that he will be opening another class in a different location soon. Please click here to see the  Interviewer  visit Thank you C. Morris