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Hi, Hi, Hi, my name is Christopher Morris and welcome to my blog for Sef Shin - The Secrete Combat of Fire.

This is a new system of martial art which is currently being taught by the Supreme Grandmaster himself Mehdi Zand. And I can’t tell you how fortunate I am to be learning directly from the man who has recently been awarded International Martial Arts Hall of Fame - Grand Master Founder of the Year by the International Martial Arts Times Magazine. I think this is a great honour. 

Here’s the articles so just click it for the details.

Now here’s a little back ground about me J

I am a person who loves martial arts and I have tried most of the systems  out there. From Shotokan (yeah everyone has done that one) to Wing Chun to Aikido, Kendo, Jujitsu and Kickboxing. I love keeping fit and find the best way to keep myself motivated is to train in the martial arts.

I used to be a podgy little boy but after my first Karate class I never looked back and to this day I keep myself fighting fit.

Recently I moved to north London and joined my local gym where I saw an interesting group of individuals practicing martial arts. As I watched the training I found myself intrigued and drawn to the positive energy of the class. It didn’t take me long to put my name forward and join up.

Thank goodness I did, because after a few months of training I have already reached a level which I never before thought possible. I love this system because it really does promote speed and accuracy within me. My power too has never been so, solid.

Fortunately for me the Founder and Supreme Grandmaster of the system is still teaching, his name is Mehdi Zand. It was because of him I actually signed up. After I saw his incredible speed, co-ordination and power I was smitten. I just had to learn Sef Shin.

Even though the classes have many students who are very good I really hope that I can do the system justice. Thats why I put this blog out here, so that anyone in the London area looking for a great martial arts school can learn about Sef Shin. You wont be disappointed. J

If you want to know more just Google it, theres loads of information out there.

Oh there is one more thing I forgot to mention. Sef Shin incorporates sword fighting. It has its own name called Shamshir . So we get to practice that too. I have to admit I never done sword before but it really is great. It makes me move in a way I never did before and it really makes me move faster, not just with hands but also my foot work.

Having seen Grand Master Zand perform sword himself and I can honestly say he is nothing but an inspiration to me and all the students in his classes.

As well as I think there is another website posted on the net, and so keep your eyes peeled for further developments.

Hopefully if I can, I will upload some photos of our training sessions, so keep coming back for updates.

Anyone else practicing Sef Shin? Then leave your comments here or Email me at J

Thanks and BYE!


  1. Hi Chris,

    please come back to me about the new training times. I heard new classes are already scheduled in north and west london.


  2. Hey Ya'll,

    I saw Master Zand demonstrate recently. The guys is awesome, still can't believe it, how the heck did he manage to cut that melon while blindfolded. Chris you are one lucky son of a gun.

    Peace Out AP

  3. master zand was brilliant, i still can't belive my eyes either

    john q

  4. Akiko- are you a student of this sefshin?

    from london

  5. does he uses the real sword in the exibition?


  6. I know Mehdi Zand as a very intelligent,yet cool headed man, good looking with a great sense of humour and is very good at what he does which is the martial art. I really don't know much about it but he made me understand what it is and how useful it can be, so am beginning to fall for the kind of martial art he performs. Mehdi Zand is one of a kind. Sure he is on top of his game.

    Tiffany Freeman

  7. I saw mehdi zand today
    he was teching sefshin in the LA fitness
    i tell you the man has a charisma and the staff he teaches is geart.

    SANJIT from london

  8. I have seen the sword and it is real and very sharp.

    Peace Out AP

  9. Master Zand is the best martial teacher alive. i am a pupil of his
    sef shin for life.

    stephen london

  10. To those who do not know me my name is Domenico Pisano and I am a First Generation Sef Shin Warrior. One of only a handful of practioners who are taught directly by the Supreme Grandmaster Mehdi Zand. 10th Dan black belt, Founder of Sef Shin, founder of Sham Shir and one of the world's most renowned martial artists to date.

    It would not be just if I did not say that I am privileged beyond belief to be one of only a few out of seven billion people in the world to have such an intimate gateway to this amazing art , this Secret Combat of Fire. It origins are born from the characters within the spectacular volumes of The Exordium. Characters who where the first ever forces in this universe to defend the throne of glory against unrelenting, vicious and merciless foes.

    Dare I say it, if my wish were to be unique, to be a true individual then I know I am on the right path. Thanks to Grandmaster Zand, Sef Shin and his years of hard work and dedication to this noble art.

    Thanks very much

    Domenico Pisano
    First Generation Warrior of Sef Shin
    (The Secret Combat of Fire)


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